About Me

My father passed away when I was 18 years old. It was at that time that I realised that our time on earth is limited. I decided there and then to make the most of every opportunity and satisfy my deep desire to learn about life and the human experience. At the same time I felt like I wanted to share this message with the world and empower every human being to live with more passion and love.  I have long believed that we are the key to our own happiness and that we can affect long-lasting positive changes in our lives simply by altering our own perspective and how we react to life and our environment. If we perceive life as mainly fraught with obstacles and lose sight of its beauty and opportunities, we will struggle to conquer our fears and fulfil our potential to live with passion and joy. As Charles Swindoll said, " Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it."

Why coaching? I decided to train as a coach because of my deep desire and curiosity to find more about life. I always felt that there has to be more to life that our eyes can see. Before coaching, I was strong on my feet and in control of my life - that's how I felt anyway. I was a bit confused, when part of my training entailed to be coached for a certain number of hours. I didn't need it! I was confident! Once coaching sessions started my awareness changed. I was having three coaches at one time, that supported me in unveiling my underlying beliefs, and shining light on my values. Being coached, brought me the awareness that we live our lives based on our values and beliefs, and every decision we make stems from there. 








Transformational Life Coach

Certified Deep Transformational Coach from the Center for Transformational Coaching - 2018

Certified as a Professional Coach with International Coach Academy - 2016

Certification in Deep Transformational Coaching from the Center for Transformational Coaching - 2015

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