Why did I become a


I became a coach because...


I want to empower others live from a place of love and true understanding about themselves and the world. 


As a child I was never encouraged to do anything with my life. I was simply left to choose my own path, however I wanted. 

I used to be very shy, afraid to speak in front of people, feeling worthless and not believing in my true potential.


Spending a lot of time on my own, I developed a strong connection with God. Somehow, whenever I talked to God I always felt that I have great potential and I felt encouraged to dream big.


I came across coaching by chance. Reading an article on Guardian whilst on holiday. The lady who wrote the article trained as a life coach and said that coaching had completely changed her life.

I always had many questions about life and myself and I wanted answers and coaching seemed to have many answers. So I decided to train as a life coach with International Coach Academy. During my training with ICA I was encouraged to find my niche. I didn't know which way to go, however because of my strong connection with God, I decided to train as a deep transformational coach. In deep transformational coaching you transcend the material paradigm into the spiritual paradigm. And you also get to ask deeper questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Most coaching sessions would start with a short meditation and I really enjoyed that. I started meditating most days and this  helped strengthening my spiritual connection. As meditation makes me feel so good I decided to train as a meditation coach. This will be the next step in my self development journey and I will start this training from March 2020.

My life changed 180 degrees since I became a coach. I run coaching workshops, speak in front of people with confidence and hold guided meditations. On top of that, I have a strong connection with my heart and soul. And that is simply priceless.


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