Work with Me

 Coaching is for you if:

  • Deep inside you feel ready for a change. 

  • According to other people's standard you have everything, but you feel that something is missing.

  • You would like to bring more clarity into your life.

  • You would like to explore how it feels when you more aligned with your core values.

 You are ready to let go so you can grow

  You feel like now is the moment to be your own cheerleader. Simply because it didn't work in the past doesn't mean that it is not going to work now. Just because others couldn't or didn't do it , it doesn't mean that you can't do it. Jim Rohn said: " Let others live small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you."

 You only have one life - what are you waiting for?

 You came into this life with everything you needed to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Learn how to trust your intuition. Believe in yourself and in your abilities that you can do the things that you came for and share your beautiful gifts with the world. I am here to support you in your discovery journey. You can rely on me.


We can work together in person, via phone, Skype and email wherever you are in this beautiful world.

Coaching sessions will take place once a week. You can explore a one-off session, 6 sessions or 12 sessions packages. Most people decide to go for 12 sessions, simply because change takes time. Remember the time when you tried to integrate a new routine in your life - how long did it take you?

Our work together will start with a free 30-45 minutes discovery session, where I explain to you what coaching entails, how  I work and answer any question you might have. During this time and after our conversation, I invite you to reflect if I am the right coach for you. At the same time I will also consider if we are a good match.

Single coaching session x 60 minutes = £80

6 coaching sessions x 60 minutes = £450

12 coaching sessions x 60 minutes = £840

All fees are paid in advance into my Bank Account, not later than 48 hours prior  to the coaching session. All cancellations require 24 hours notice, if less notice given, then payment is not refundable. Bank Account details will be provided on application.

 Life coaching sessions are one-to-one, where you  can discover and explore how to improve your relationships, let go of the beliefs that don't support you, and design a life that is more in line with your true self. I'm here to support you discover your most creative ideas and solutions to the challenges that you face each day.

 If you've ever asked yourself the question: Who am I? then deep coaching is for you. Together we can explore deep coaching sessions, where we will work with spiritual values. During a deep coaching session, you have the opportunity to discover you true self at a whole new level. We tend to forget about our emotional and spiritual needs, while we try to handle the chaos of our busy schedules. Deep coaching will look at how you can change this. 

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